Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexpected encounters

Myself and The Doctor headed back to our transport to get him back to his lab and get me back to my original mission area, and saw something very interesting. As we approached the site of our transport we discovered the bodies of the Squad that was sent out with us to guard the transport. All eight of the men where strewn about, no signs of blood. We approached the Transport and the Doctor began examining the bodies. That's when i saw something that enraged me. The Seer in Shadows Symbol had been drawn on the side of our transport in a substance i did not recognize. I had The Doctor, get a sample to analyze. I had left him to continue checking the bodies and searched the surrounding area for any sign of the Seer. I had hoped to find and eviscerate him/her/them, but unfortunately there was nothing to be found. For this blatant attack on VINDICATE, the Seer in Shadows will be hunted down and dealt with to a permanent end.
I will not stand ideally by while someone thinks they can attack our soldiers and live. The minute my mission is completed The Seer will be brought to his knees before the right hand of the Master.
There will be vindication, Expect us Seer In Shadows. When we meet you will perish

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