Friday, June 3, 2011

My Game

If you are reading this than you are interested in playing my little game. Here are the rules

  • There will be 7 questions and 7 riddles to be answered. They will be posted once a day for the next 14 days.
  • Each question and riddle must be answered correctly 3 times to recieve the reward.
  • The comments are hidden so that only i will see them, however i will post updates on how many right answers have been posted as they come in.
  • Once a question gets answered correctly three times i will post a message on the comments stating that the post is locked all answers following that wil be ignored.
  • If anyone insists on posting more answers beyond that point, the user will be ignored for the next posted question or riddle.
  • After the 14th post has been made there will be a 72 hour "Last Chance" phase. After those 72 hours end, the questions that do not have 3 correct answers will be considered locked, once a day, until all are locked.
  • The reward is a video from my last mission. Which will allow all of you to finally put a face to your hidden fears.
  • The Game starts in 1 Hour. You have that long to post any questions you may have regarding the game itself.

-The Avatar

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